Get switched on to a smarter home

Electric blinds and curtains are becoming ever more popular. An electric track can accommodate any style of blind or curtain so there is no need to compromise your desired aesthetic and can be operated by a switch, remote, smart phone app or integrate with your existing smart home system. If you think they’re an indulgent luxury read on to learn some of the many practical benefits to closing your blinds and curtains at the touch of a button.

Let’s face it, many of us position bulky furniture in front of a window in a bay as it’s a good way to maximise the space in a room but not so easy to reach a blind chain or pull curtains across in the evening. Electric blind and curtain tracks are a great solution. Roman blinds in a bay window can be set to close at the same time to draw them for the evening and individually to gain some relief from the sunshine on a hot day, all from the same remote. Another common conundrum for tricky window dressing solutions are skylights and conservatories. It is uplifting to have sunlight overhead indoors but can be uncomfortably warm on a summers day. We can supply and fit made-to-measure blinds for all shapes and sized windows with a UV filter that does not block out light but offer some relief from the heat.

In older age or for people with limited mobility pulling a chain on a blind or drawing curtains can be tricky and often painful. Electric tracks can be operated by your smart speaker “Alexa, close the curtains” it’s that simple! 

There is also an important safety aspect for the younger members of the family. In the UK it is law for a blind chain to hang no lower than 1.5m from the floor to avoid risk of injury or death to a child. Many children in the UK have been killed or harmed from becoming tangled in the chain of a blind. There is no need for a chain when using an electric track so you can rest assured your little ones are safe from harm.

An additional benefit of electric window dressings is the capability to operate your blinds from your mobile phone. An effective deterrent for possible break-ins is the ability to draw your curtains from anywhere in the world or alternatively set a timer prior to travelling that will close your curtains at a regular time. If someone is watching your home it will not be obvious that you are not there so preventing an unwanted intruder.

Electric tracks can be powered by a rechargeable battery which is so efficient recharging is only required after many months of use, they can also be hard-wired to enjoy endless enjoyment both at a low cost.

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