Stay Home, Stay Safe

Lockdown 2020. The closest comparison a bizarre Christmas Day. Shops closed, car parks empty, high streets deserted and the roads quiet as if it were 2am, over eating and drinking to excess but with the absence of our loved ones. Simply odd. With most locked into a tedious life of enforced house arrest let us look at ways we can help to improve your home environment. 

Your home environment could be the biggest factor in changing your view of the current situation. Our surroundings affect the way we think and feel, shape our thoughts, emotions and actions. We all have those jobs we have been procrastinating over so now is the time to make your home somewhere you enjoy spending time. Make the most of life under lockdown. Have a plan that outlines the tasks to follow, work towards a goal, be driven and motivated. 

Humans reap tremendous benefits from exposure to nature, introducing a comfortable seating area in your garden will provide a calming space and an additional room to your home. Simply replacing tired garden furniture cushions with an amazing print can make a seating area look and feel brand new. It doesn’t matter if you have a small patio, a large terrace or a roof deck, when an outdoor space is decorated well it’s a pleasure to spend time in and with the summer weather imminent this is the perfect time to start planning.

Don’t have a garden? Introducing the Garden Treasures range on scatter cushions or a statement chair will bring amazing vibrant colours and the outside in, filled with so many critters this amazingly designed fabric will certainly lift a mood. All too often small rooms are kept neutral and simple in the hope that this will make them feel larger. This often backfires and you end up with a space that is both small and dull, it’s much better to inject some personality and what better way than with pattern. 

Move your furniture around! It will dramatically change the appearance of your space and change is energising. We have all been sitting on the sofa more over the past few weeks so give yourself a different view! You may be noticing the cushions have become soft and saggy we can refresh them with new foam that will literally take years off them. 

Our Stock Chase workshops are spacious enough to allow us to work safely, using a rota system to distance and with strict hygiene measures in place. Fabric samples can be sent directly to you by post from our manufacturers. Smaller projects can be collected and delivered from your doorstep with no need to enter your property. All collections and deliveries in line with government guidelines regarding distancing and appropriate PPE and hygiene. 

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