A Night in a Department Store

It’s a Wednesday evening in Oxford Street at 10.45pm. The world renowned Selfidges has just closed for business and Simon and Jack are waiting in a van full to the brim with sundries, tools, trestles and an industrial sewing machine. It’s not long until a flood of Selfridges staff leave for the evening, dispersing in different directions to reach their individual destinations. This is their cue to enter the building. The eerie quiet is seemingly loud in a place usually bustling with life but now empty and abandoned. Their assignment? To renew three seats in the central men’s department to their former glory. 

And so to work. With a work bench replaced by the floor and only the estimated tools to hand it’s teamwork all the way and by 5am the seats are complete in glorious electric blue fabric, internally re-enforced and ready to meet their public! Mission accomplished!

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