The Importance of Pattern

Introducing pattern can give some serious personality to your home, the colours, type and application say something about you. We are big believers that your home should represent who you are so find a print that speaks to you and have fun with it!

Whether you prefer quiet patterns or bold patterns every room should include a few. Use plain colour with a complimenting pattern from the same palette for a cohesive look or liven up the room with Punchy bold colours and fun fabrics which really make a statement.

All too often small rooms are kept neutral and simple in the hope that it will make them feel larger. This often backfires resulting in a space both small and dull, it’s better to inject some personality and what better way than with a pattern. A certain amount of restraint should be used when introducing pattern to a small room, function, shape, colour, texture and proportion should all be taken into account. Geometric patterns come in all shapes and sizes and the lines are clean so will create interest without dominating the space, a controlled use of pattern will not make your room appear smaller. 

Pattern is an important decorating tool to provide a focal point to a room in addition to introducing multiple colours and creating visual interest. If a pattern on upholstery or curtains is out of the comfort zone, scatter cushions and throws are a great alternative and are so versatile it’s possible to alter the mood of the room with the seasons. Accessorise using vibrant, uplifting colours in the summer then refashion the room during the winter months by using fabrics such as wool in a plaid to inject warmth.

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