Making A Statement!

What makes a piece of furniture a statement in your home? Unique in material? Exaggerated in design? Bold in fabric choice? Oversized for the space? – The answer? Yes, all of the above.

Look-at-me pieces can push the envelope from wonderful to wow! Leaving your guests questioning their own design ethos. This design decision is not for those who wish to play it safe but for people willing to take a risk, for people who want to be different.

So where to start? 

A key point is that when using colour and pattern for your statement piece the room remains largely neutral to maximise the impact of the statement. Combining tactile textures such as silk, satin and velvet, verses canvas, leather and tweed will create an interesting contrast of rough and smooth allowing you to be experimental and creative even with neutrals, too many statement fabrics in one room can look chaotic and confusing. Another consideration is that colour can affect emotions, brights such as red/yellow/orange can energise so may not be the best to use in a bedroom, a deep indigo has a calming effect and can be just as impactful without shouting from the walls and furniture before the light goes out. Colour, texture and balance can take your living space to the next level. Your overall design aesthetic to show individuality should be achieved through cognition.

Statement pieces become conversation pieces, everyone loves a well-designed statement. Using an unanticipated fabric is a fun way to make a feature from upholstery to put a twist on an originally average chair, it makes the piece as brave and individual as you are.

The power of pattern is a fairly obvious path to create a statement, there is a myriad of choice at all levels of bravery but in the furniture world, size matters. An oversized footstool can be a fantastic central point of your room, a flared wing back chair such as the iconic vintage G-Plan ‘The Sixty Two’ (Originally known as The World’s Most Comfortable Chair) will stand out for being different in its design alone, the more ostentatious amongst us may well combine the two and a well-chosen pattern on a well-designed exaggerated style will shock the eye of the viewer and incite awe!

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