Scrubs up!

So, if you’re making scrubs for the NHS I will safely assume that you can already follow a pattern so no need to teach any grandmothers to suck eggs! We, being upholsterers and definitely not dressmakers as we found out! Did have to devise a simple reversible seam which could still be sewn relatively quickly. So lets pass that on to you.

Firstly well done and hats off to you for joining the army of sewing enthusiasts who are doing their bit for our front line people.

Sewing scrubs so they are reversible makes a) the seams much stronger so survive more washes and b) can be worn inside out if they become stained, stained scrubs are normally thrown away. So all in all prolonging the usable life of the scrubs. As well as making the scrubs reversible a couple of other requirements to consider is that the sleeve must sit above the elbow and the neckline must be wide enough that the top can be removed without touching the face.

So, this is was we did…

Overlap your seams, this will reduce the bulk when turning.

Open up your garment, turn the edge of the longer seam and sew along the fold. You see! Told you it was simple! Easy when you know how. Happy sewing, be very proud of yourself. Stay Safe.

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