Mid Century In The Modern Home

When flicking through the glossy pages of todays home magazines you’ll find pages broadly encompassing styles from the 1950’s onwards. Retro living means different things to different people, it can incorporate mid-century Scandinavian, curvy 60’s mod or plush fabrics and bold earth toned patterns from 70’s

In the past a retro space commonly had lots of layers of bold colours and pattern, a chaotic space which may not be conducive with todays hectic lifestyle. Retro furniture can become the hero in an otherwise modern home by layering a clean, more subtle palette. One item will be the star of the room where everything else should compliment it not over whelm it with too many pieces vying for attention. Alternatively for an eclectic feel try to blend more subtle pieces of several styles rather than using just a few statement pieces as accents. Using furniture belonging to different periods of design history will create boho chic, a décor that exudes personality, depth and interest allowing vintage pieces to blend neatly rather than commanding attention. 

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